poniedziałek, 5 października 2015

The legend of Barbara Radziwiłłówna

Cracow is an old city with loads of traditions and stories. One of them is the legend of Barbara Radziwiłłówna, the beloved wife of Polish king, Zygmunt August. It was a true love, even if king's mother didn't like the marriage, claiming that young, beautiful Barbara is not good enough to be a queen.

She was a second wife of the king, the rest of people in the castle treated it as a mismatch, so the wedding was full of controversy. Their marriage didn't last long, after a few years Barbara died. According to the legend the king in despair wanted to see his beloved wife one more time after her death. He called all famous wizards who could have been able to call the ghost of the queen. One of them Twardowski, tole the king that if he wants to see his dead wife, he needs to sit on a chair and not move or try to touch the ghost, otherwise, the kingdom will be in danger. The king promised he will stay calm, but when he saw Barbara he couldn't resist and tried to touch her. The ghost disappeared immediately and king was left alone. Now it's said that the ghost of Barbara still comes to the Wawel castle and walks through the king's rooms, looking for peace.

It's only one of the examples of stories from Cracow. Barbara Radziwiłłówna was real, but we can't be sure how much truth lies in the legend. If you want to hear more stories from old times and learn more about ghost walking through the city, you can check it in many books but also take a trip on your own responsibility. Again, it's good to go with an experienced guide who is the best source of information about city, its history but also legends, stories and customs. On DiscoverCracow you can find a special trip dedicated to legends and the most famous haunted places in Cracow. Here you can find more information.