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The legend of Barbara Radziwiłłówna

Cracow is an old city with loads of traditions and stories. One of them is the legend of Barbara Radziwiłłówna, the beloved wife of Polish king, Zygmunt August. It was a true love, even if king's mother didn't like the marriage, claiming that young, beautiful Barbara is not good enough to be a queen.

She was a second wife of the king, the rest of people in the castle treated it as a mismatch, so the wedding was full of controversy. Their marriage didn't last long, after a few years Barbara died. According to the legend the king in despair wanted to see his beloved wife one more time after her death. He called all famous wizards who could have been able to call the ghost of the queen. One of them Twardowski, tole the king that if he wants to see his dead wife, he needs to sit on a chair and not move or try to touch the ghost, otherwise, the kingdom will be in danger. The king promised he will stay calm, but when he saw Barbara he couldn't resist and tried to touch her. The ghost disappeared immediately and king was left alone. Now it's said that the ghost of Barbara still comes to the Wawel castle and walks through the king's rooms, looking for peace.

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Art galleries in Cracow

It's another part of our cultural path in Cracow. Let's talk about art galleries. Some of them are already known, but it'd be useful to gather them in one place and check what Cracow has to offer for people who like art:

wtorek, 22 września 2015

The cinemas in Cracow

For someone who is keen on popculture, for sure important part of it is cinema and movies. Of course, you can find many places in Cracow where you can watch more or less ambitious movies. And not only the big cinemas like Cinema City but also other small ones where you will find movies which are less mainstream. Let's check small cinemas with unique atmosphere inside what can't be found in a huge modern cinemas.

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Theatres in Cracow

Let's continue walking on cultural path in Cracow. Not everyone is fond of classical music, many people can enjoy theatre. Cracow is a cultural city with many places where you have a chance to enjoy art. This is the list of the most popular theatres in Cracow, we have Autummn so new plays are coming!

wtorek, 8 września 2015

Classical music in Cracow

Music is one of the most important part of every culture. Often it is related to the history of the country and the tradition. Every nation can name at least one famous compositor and they can be proud of him or her. Music can soothe your mind and relax you. For someone with more sophisticated taste classical music is a great choice. The more you listen, the more you can appreciate the beauty and harmony. Where in Cracow you can enjoy this piece of art?

czwartek, 3 września 2015

Let's discover Main Square Underground!

Main Square has always been the biggest attraction of Cracow, but how many people know about another its side – the Underground. To be exact, it's a museum located below the market square and its area counts 6000m2. Work on the underground began in 2005 and museum was opened on 24th September 2010.

czwartek, 27 sierpnia 2015

Cracow and the surroundings 2

The end of summer is a great time to try travelling outside the cit
y to catch the last warm sun rays and admire the beauty of the nature. Especially one place can be really breathtaking and stunning at this time of year - or even a bit later, during the fall, when trees change their colors and the forest looks so colorful.
This place is Dunajec River and Pieniny mountains, located on the South of Poland. The main attraction there is Dunajec River Rafting with its traditional white water rafting.

czwartek, 20 sierpnia 2015

Stanislaw Lem's Garden of Experiments

Another interesting garden in Cracow is much different from the one mentioned a week ago. It's quite new and you can find varied things which are not really connected with nature, plants or other botanic issues. Stanislaw Lem's Garden of Experiments, known also as Cracow Garden of Experiments, is mainly dedicated to science like physics. People who visit the part can learn about basic physics law while conducting an experiment, they can engage their different senses as well.

Cracow Garden of Experiments is the first initiative of this type in Poland. The general idea was inspired by the similar parks in Nurymberg and Paris. Polish park has been opened since 2007 and it occupies six hectares. The park is located in southeastern part of Cracow.

czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2015

Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University

Hot weather in Cracow encourages to spend time close to the nature and green areas with shadows where you can rest. One of the places is Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, which is a perfect place to visit especially during spring and summer. It was founded in 1783 and is located on the east of the Old Town where occupies 9,6 hectares. It's considered a historical location. The exact address is Copernicus Street 27.

czwartek, 6 sierpnia 2015

Milk bars in Cracow

Visiting a new city means meeting totally new culture with its all more or less exotic parts. Even European city can be exotic in some way. Probably one of the unusual things in Poland for western tourists can be a milk bar. What is a milk bar? It's a Polish form of cafeteria with homemade-style food served. First typical milk bar was opened in 1896 in Warsaw by Stanisław Dłużewski and was called "Mleczarnia Nadświdrzańska". The milk bars were popular especially during 1920s and 1930s and during communism. Usually the menu of a milk bar is based on dairy products, butnowadays you can find there also other types of food like Polish pierogi, bigos, omelets, vegetables soups and some sweet cakes.

piątek, 31 lipca 2015

Krakow and the surroundings

Krakow is a city where you just can't be bored, you always can find some interesting places, areas or events. Walking groups of tourists are the best proof for that. However, sometimes everyone has a need to leave the city behind and change a surrounding to see something new. Especially, if you have enough time to visit Krakow and have some spare time to check the surroundings. If you want to take a break and spend some time with the nature you should consider one place – Zakopane.

wtorek, 21 lipca 2015

Cat Cafe in Krakow

Cracow loves cats

Another time Krakow witnessed something absolutely new. In June, first in Poland Cat Cafe was opened in Krakow where all cat lovers can grab a coffee, eat something sweet and enjoy a company of the little furry purring friends.
Ewa Jemioło, the founder of Cat Cafe, explains that the place was created especially for the people who love cats but because of some issues (like allergy, small flat, no time etc.) they can't own a cat.

Of course, the cat owners or people who are simply curious can also visit the place. Everyone should feel welcome.

środa, 15 lipca 2015

The Hobby Horse - Lajkonik

Krakow Hobby Horse, known in Poland as Lajkonik, is one of the symbols that have always been associated with the city. It is a bearded man with tartar appearance, dressed in colorful robes, pointy hat and compulsory - with the tailstock attached to a belt.

The figure is associated with the legend of the Tatar invasion. Before one of them, the enemy lurked in the bushes on the river Vistula, in the village of Zwierzyniec, situated next to Krakow.

czwartek, 9 lipca 2015

Legend of the Dragon Wawel

Legends is an element accompanying the history of each city. Although they have a lof of fantasy and fiction, it's still interested and curious. We associate them with places, which we pass every day and about history we know nothing. Let us remember that although these stories are often sucked from the finger, it is in these very high degree of probability and the proverbial "grain of truth". Legends expand our knowledge and develop awareness of the history. There are also an opportunity for new travel trail of fairy tales and legends.

Krakow extremely famous for its many legends. The reason for this is the countless emblematic monuments and people who have significantly etched into the history of the city.

Legend of the Dragon Wawel
The most famous legend is a legend about the Wawel Dragon, related to the largest monument - the Wawel Royal Castle. The main character is the eponymous dragon, which fire-breathing

czwartek, 2 lipca 2015

Green areas in Krakow

Every major city needs a space, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle. Often, in such situations, residents travel to nearby towns, where they can relax in nature. Usually, such a trip is associated with an adequate amount of free time. What when we don't have too much time?

In Krakow, next to a large part of the architecture of the city, also has attractive green areas that add to the charm, but also are a place of Sunday rest and afternoon walks. In the city center there are Planty - one of the largest urban parks, ideal for the average stroller. There, that was built monuments dedicated to big figures.

In the city there are also Blonie - huge meadow, which is a place of recreation for residents and tourists, but also recreation for cyclists, joggers and walkers. It is also a very important place for Poles, because there often held meeting with Pope John Paul II, a Pole.

piątek, 26 czerwca 2015

Traditional and regional snack

In Krakow is known saying „eat as Cracovians”. For ones, it means eat at someone else's cost, for others it means eat tasty and enough. One things id true – Krakow's regional cuisine hides a lot of simple and great culinary suprises. Let's see what you should try to taste during your visit of Krakow:

Obwarzanki – the most popular Krakow's delicacy. We can buy them anywhere, at any place, on the street, of the city, near the bus stop, in a shopping center and even on the outskirts. There are a circular bagels with a specified wave, fragile outside and mellow inside. We can buy it in several flavours: with salt, poppy and cheese. They are a great treat for tourists and tasty snack for Cracovians during the busy day.

środa, 17 czerwca 2015

Armia Krajowa Museum in Kraków

Among the many artifacts testifying to the turbulent history of Krakow, for recognition deserves Armia Krajowa Museum, named General Fieldorf Nil. It located on the Fieldorfa Nila street, near the Central Station.

The museum was established in 2000, but earlier for a period of 10 years, initiators collected historical artifacts. Today in the Museum we can see 7,000 exhibits and more than 1,200 archival materials - mainly donations Soldiers of Armia Krajowa and their families around the world. The museum library has about 11,500 volumes from this period and telling about the hardships of action in the Army.

The museum was created to show how the Polish underground work both in terms of organization, but also from the spiritual

czwartek, 11 czerwca 2015

Krakow - students city

Krakow, near Warsaw and Wroclaw, is one of the most popular cities for young people who want to be educated. Why? Because in Krakow is the best-developed student culture, and that is because of the rich tradition of the university, which was created over the centuries. It is connected with the oldest university (next to the University of Prague) - the Jagiellonian University. Here, an extremely high level represent too other universities such as the University of Science and Technology, University of Economics and Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology.

The city has a very rich offer of education, which is associated not only with classes at universities. Studies in Krakow is also a spectrum of scientific meetings with scholars, the possibility of direct contact with science and culture in many research centers. Next to the larger public universities, Krakow also has many other private universities and schools,k which provide education in the fields of each area.

wtorek, 2 czerwca 2015

Townhouses Krakow

Warm evening, Sunday walk - Krakow always charms. Residents and visitors love the charm of Krakow's because of warmth, which exudes and makes everyone there feels in some way exceptional. It is due to the history enchanted in the walls. We feel the spirit of past centuries and great people, who lived and worked in Krakow - observe legacy that now serves the new generations.

Undoubtedly, the charm krakow streets reside in Krakow buildings, magnificent buildings, which are a kind of cultural, social and architectural phenomenon. Their development can be divided into 3 stages:

środa, 27 maja 2015

Study in Krakow

Krakow is a city, which offers each of us a lot of opportunities and countless attractions. They enjoy not only among permanent residents, but also visitors and temporary. Here we can indicate tourists whose love in Krakow and its attractions, they come back here more than once. However, speaking about the inhabitants of temporary, I mean students, which is in over 200 thousand. In addition to Warsaw and Wroclaw, Krakow undoubtedly attracts the most of learners and not without reason named is a city of students.

At the beginning it is worth saying that the city offers students a wide range of educational opportunities. It is the seat of the top universities in country that educate in many directions both humanities and technical, economic and artistic. I say, of course, about the most famous Jagiellonian University, University of Science and Technology, University of Economics and Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology. In addition to public institutions in Krakow also operate non-public, which guarantee an equally high level of education.

piątek, 22 maja 2015

Shopping in Krakow

Monuments, sightseeing, walking, admiring, learning. And what about in between? Being in such a beautiful city, I'm sure more than one of us, especially women, would like to take a moment to relax in the form of purchases.

Where to go? Here, opinions are divided. Lovers of bargain hunters prefer shopping centers, which offer not only a large range of products of various kinds, but also other attractions. Thanks to them, a trip to the mall is not tiring expedition in search of a particular purchase, but just relax in a place where next to articles of clothing can also find on-site dining, cinema, beauty salons, hairdressers and many others.

wtorek, 12 maja 2015

Main Square atrqactions

Speaking about the attractions of Krakow's first association is Wawel Dragon, Wawel Castle, St. Mary's Church and Market Square. Right - Krakow is one of those cities where the sightseeing and learning will always bequeath to our descendants hunger Undoubtedly, the main square, as the heart of historical Krakow, abounds in countless number of attractions, not only in the field of architecture, but also other distractions that are waiting for tourists.

Start by underground market, which was opened museum. Walking paths we can see fragments of stone streets, the oldest brick structure in Krakow, XI century graves, and many other small monuments, which reflect life in Krakow from the reign of the great kings.

Let's back on the board surface roar. There, around, like on the other streets of the city, you can admire the monumental, historic buildings and palaces at the forefront of the Town Hall from the turn of the XIII and XIV century. For most noteworthy are St. Mary's Church, Church of St. Wojciech, Cloth Hall and the monument of Adam Mickiewicz.

czwartek, 7 maja 2015

John Paul II route

Krakow is a city, which is particularly associated with a number of famous personages. Group of artists, politicians, big business people and ...? John Paul II - the great man, the Pope, who for years was associated with Krakow and to this day has left here a huge footprint.

The mementoes of him can be found in basically all over the city. The young Karol Wojtyla in 1938 began study of Polish philology. Later, during the war, as a seminarian, priest, auxiliary bishop and Archbishop of Krakow. Places, which were visited by him, are so much all over the city, that difficult to count them.

Krakow was without a doubt, Pope "Polish house". The most significant places associated with his person, are arranged in a route that leads through the whole city. We encourage you to visit those places, which made Krakow, in the eyes of John Paul II, the most valuable of Polish cities.

środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

Krakow nightlife

Krakow has always been famous for a huge number of attractions. Anyone who visits this city can't complain about boredom, because regardless the weather, time of year, and even your mood - Krakow has always offered something interesting for you. The leaders are there historical attractions that encourage visitors to all-day wandering around the city, the trail of great artists and Polish kings. Sometimes, tourists don't lose their enthusiasm even at night - then we recommend something to soothe entertainment need.

Krakow is a city, which almost never sleeps. Almost, because the streets are deserted here until at 4 in the morning and fill up again at 6. At night, locals and visitors go out into the streets, visits to bars, pubs, restaurants. In the center of town, almost every street is located club next to the club, the pub next to the pub. The diversity of these attractions is so large that it is very difficult to choose a single place where you can grab a beer, listen to good music and dance.

Going longer Floriańska street, at the gates of tenements see-grown goalkeepers who have the power to let you (or not) to a dance club.

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Wisla river

Wisła is the longest river in Poland at 1047 km in lenght. The major part of river goes through Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia. Its source is in the south Poland in the slope of Barania Góra located in the Beskid Śląski, and flows into the Baltic Sea. The Wisła River the river flows through by for many famous Polish cities, including by Ustron, Auschwitz, Skawina, Krakow, Tarnobrzeg, Sandomierz, Kazimierz Dolny, Warsaw and many others – it is a big big enrichment of their beauty.

Krakow boulevards is a team of historic buildings located on the Vistula River, formed in XIX and XX century. Their basic function is protected the city against flooding. In addition, boulevards have the park gained status and it is extremely popular recreation and leisure place. In the town is 11 road bridges, 3 railway bridges and 2 footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2015

Krakow theaters

Krakow is known from own, natural beauty and countless monuments. It is also known that the city doesn't allow for boredom and offers us many opportunities to spend free time. It has a very wide range cultural offer, in which everyone can find something for yourself. For lovers of history we recommend various kinds of museums, for connoisseurs of art – exhibitions, and for the other – concerts and theaters, which are a lot in Krakow.

Krakow theaters have a big role in the development of the general sense of art. In addition to high-quality theatrical performances worth mentioning about location. Most of them are located in a historic, architecturally interesting buildings.

The first permanent public theater was established during the Enlightenment. Today, it is known as the „Old Theatre” and located in a building on Jagiellońska street. Performances took place in other places, such as. ballrooms.The first building, which was built specifically for the purposes of the theater was building on „Św. Ducha” Square. Until today, this theater exist there as „Julius Slowacki theater”.

środa, 8 kwietnia 2015

Festivals in Krakow

Krakow is the first city in Poland, which was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture. It is a big distinction and Krakow certainly deserves on it. For years, is known for organization many events that permanently etched into the calendar of Krakow's cultural events. Look at the short list of several popular events, which are popular not only in Poland, but all over the world.

Misteria Paschalia – one of the most important European festivals dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque music. During the event there are concerts Lenten and Easter music, during this period. The performers are recognized masters of early music. Concerts take place in Krakow concert halls, in the religious interiors and of religious and in the Chapel of St. Kinga in Wieliczka Salt Mine.