piątek, 26 czerwca 2015

Traditional and regional snack

In Krakow is known saying „eat as Cracovians”. For ones, it means eat at someone else's cost, for others it means eat tasty and enough. One things id true – Krakow's regional cuisine hides a lot of simple and great culinary suprises. Let's see what you should try to taste during your visit of Krakow:

Obwarzanki – the most popular Krakow's delicacy. We can buy them anywhere, at any place, on the street, of the city, near the bus stop, in a shopping center and even on the outskirts. There are a circular bagels with a specified wave, fragile outside and mellow inside. We can buy it in several flavours: with salt, poppy and cheese. They are a great treat for tourists and tasty snack for Cracovians during the busy day.

Miód turecki – sweet, carmel flavour, which we can buy in the traditional crispy or pull fudge. Is's composed of honey, nuts and flavour addition, sometimes enriched with butter and cocoa. It is sold mostly on a stands of delicacies or during autumn and winter near of cementaries

Krakowskie specjały bożonarodzeniowe – every year, on the Krakow's Main Square and on the bigger places within the city, we can meet a special Christmas Market. We can find there many delicacies perfect for chilly days. Worth mentioning about warning drinks: tradicional „grzaniec” and „śliwowica” and the Gorals speciality – small cheese called „oscypki”.

Casseroles - in the heart of Kazimierz, at Plac Nowy is a characteristic circular commercial building where we can buy another Krakow's specialty - casserole. Traditional casseroles consist of baguettes, cheese and mushrooms. More modern and finesse are enriched with various additives: pineapple, meat, spinach, tuna, onions and others - according to customer wishes.

Because of the rich tradition of Jewish, you should also go to one of the restaurants on the Krakow's Kazimierz on the Szeroka street (a few steps from the Plac Nowy). We can eat there a few Jewish specialties at lunch dishes and desserts (eg. The baklava, Passover)

In addition, in Krakow, almost on every street we can find a lot of restaurants, where you can eat a delicious dinner for a small price. Definitely - Krakow is a city for gourmets.

You should also benefit from great occasion "tasty" expedition - Krakow Food Tour- www.discovercracow.eu/tours/details/id/857217/back/all_tours . In addition to the traditional flavors of Krakow, you can discover traditional Polish cuisine