poniedziałek, 28 września 2015

Art galleries in Cracow

It's another part of our cultural path in Cracow. Let's talk about art galleries. Some of them are already known, but it'd be useful to gather them in one place and check what Cracow has to offer for people who like art:

wtorek, 22 września 2015

The cinemas in Cracow

For someone who is keen on popculture, for sure important part of it is cinema and movies. Of course, you can find many places in Cracow where you can watch more or less ambitious movies. And not only the big cinemas like Cinema City but also other small ones where you will find movies which are less mainstream. Let's check small cinemas with unique atmosphere inside what can't be found in a huge modern cinemas.

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Theatres in Cracow

Let's continue walking on cultural path in Cracow. Not everyone is fond of classical music, many people can enjoy theatre. Cracow is a cultural city with many places where you have a chance to enjoy art. This is the list of the most popular theatres in Cracow, we have Autummn so new plays are coming!

wtorek, 8 września 2015

Classical music in Cracow

Music is one of the most important part of every culture. Often it is related to the history of the country and the tradition. Every nation can name at least one famous compositor and they can be proud of him or her. Music can soothe your mind and relax you. For someone with more sophisticated taste classical music is a great choice. The more you listen, the more you can appreciate the beauty and harmony. Where in Cracow you can enjoy this piece of art?

czwartek, 3 września 2015

Let's discover Main Square Underground!

Main Square has always been the biggest attraction of Cracow, but how many people know about another its side – the Underground. To be exact, it's a museum located below the market square and its area counts 6000m2. Work on the underground began in 2005 and museum was opened on 24th September 2010.