wtorek, 22 września 2015

The cinemas in Cracow

For someone who is keen on popculture, for sure important part of it is cinema and movies. Of course, you can find many places in Cracow where you can watch more or less ambitious movies. And not only the big cinemas like Cinema City but also other small ones where you will find movies which are less mainstream. Let's check small cinemas with unique atmosphere inside what can't be found in a huge modern cinemas.

  • Kino Pod Baranami: one of the most fmaous and popular cinemas in Cracow, located on The Main Square. It's a part of Piwnica Pod Baranami, which is also one of the most important, legendary cultural centre of Cracow. In Kino Pod Baranami. You can find there the latest premieres and alo less-known movies. Here you can find more information.
  • Cracow Cinematic Centre ARS – the small cinema located also close to The Main Square with small, but lovely cinema rooms for watching a movie. You can find there less popular movies too. When there was a danger that cinema can be closed, many people protested. The ARS still exists though and it's worth of checking cause of its cosy interior.
  • Kino Mikro – another place, located next to Plac Inwalidów, one of the most friendly cinema in Krakow with unique repertoire which you can check here.
  • Kino AgrafkaAgrafka means literally „safety pin”. It's also small, lovely cinema with very varied movies in its repertoire. If you will look carefully, you can find very interesting pieces there. Here you can check more details.
What these places have in common is a small size, cosy interior and some sort of intimacy. These movies are not for watching action movies with loads of special effect and firework, cause they can be appreciated more on a huge IMAX screen. But some movies are perfect for small cinemas with magic atmosphere where going to the cinema was really something more than just killing time in a free afternoon.