wtorek, 15 września 2015

Theatres in Cracow

Let's continue walking on cultural path in Cracow. Not everyone is fond of classical music, many people can enjoy theatre. Cracow is a cultural city with many places where you have a chance to enjoy art. This is the list of the most popular theatres in Cracow, we have Autummn so new plays are coming!

  • Helena Modrzejowska Theatre, „The Old Theatre” – you have a chance to see there classic and more contemporary plays, all performed in an original way with a great visual side. The theatre is located next to The Main Square so you can find them easily. Here is the official website, where you will find all information.
  • Bagatela Theatre – this is another famous theatre in Cracow. But it's quite different fromThe Old Theatre, where you can find more sophisticated and ambitious stuff. Bagatela Theatre is more about entertainment, you can find many contemporary plays of many famous authors. You won't be bored for sure.
  • Grotesque Theatre – this one is mainly focused on performances for children. You can admire not only actors, but their puppets too, full of colors. It makes them perfect for a young audience. Music, original puppets, masks and wise stories create a perfect combination for the kids.
  • Juliusz Słowacki Theatre – one of the most known in Cracow. It's impossible to miss it because of the localization and beautiful bulding. You can find there plays and also opera.
  • The New Theatre – the only private theatre in Cracow, located in Kazimierz. Not so well-known but for sure worth of trying.
  • KTO Theatre – founded by Jagiellonian University students. It's also known from an experimental performanced and street theatre, where actor's body, gesture or face tells much more than words.

Check it, new season begins so for sure you can find many interesting performances to see.