piątek, 26 czerwca 2015

Traditional and regional snack

In Krakow is known saying „eat as Cracovians”. For ones, it means eat at someone else's cost, for others it means eat tasty and enough. One things id true – Krakow's regional cuisine hides a lot of simple and great culinary suprises. Let's see what you should try to taste during your visit of Krakow:

Obwarzanki – the most popular Krakow's delicacy. We can buy them anywhere, at any place, on the street, of the city, near the bus stop, in a shopping center and even on the outskirts. There are a circular bagels with a specified wave, fragile outside and mellow inside. We can buy it in several flavours: with salt, poppy and cheese. They are a great treat for tourists and tasty snack for Cracovians during the busy day.

środa, 17 czerwca 2015

Armia Krajowa Museum in Kraków

Among the many artifacts testifying to the turbulent history of Krakow, for recognition deserves Armia Krajowa Museum, named General Fieldorf Nil. It located on the Fieldorfa Nila street, near the Central Station.

The museum was established in 2000, but earlier for a period of 10 years, initiators collected historical artifacts. Today in the Museum we can see 7,000 exhibits and more than 1,200 archival materials - mainly donations Soldiers of Armia Krajowa and their families around the world. The museum library has about 11,500 volumes from this period and telling about the hardships of action in the Army.

The museum was created to show how the Polish underground work both in terms of organization, but also from the spiritual

czwartek, 11 czerwca 2015

Krakow - students city

Krakow, near Warsaw and Wroclaw, is one of the most popular cities for young people who want to be educated. Why? Because in Krakow is the best-developed student culture, and that is because of the rich tradition of the university, which was created over the centuries. It is connected with the oldest university (next to the University of Prague) - the Jagiellonian University. Here, an extremely high level represent too other universities such as the University of Science and Technology, University of Economics and Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology.

The city has a very rich offer of education, which is associated not only with classes at universities. Studies in Krakow is also a spectrum of scientific meetings with scholars, the possibility of direct contact with science and culture in many research centers. Next to the larger public universities, Krakow also has many other private universities and schools,k which provide education in the fields of each area.

wtorek, 2 czerwca 2015

Townhouses Krakow

Warm evening, Sunday walk - Krakow always charms. Residents and visitors love the charm of Krakow's because of warmth, which exudes and makes everyone there feels in some way exceptional. It is due to the history enchanted in the walls. We feel the spirit of past centuries and great people, who lived and worked in Krakow - observe legacy that now serves the new generations.

Undoubtedly, the charm krakow streets reside in Krakow buildings, magnificent buildings, which are a kind of cultural, social and architectural phenomenon. Their development can be divided into 3 stages: