środa, 17 czerwca 2015

Armia Krajowa Museum in Kraków

Among the many artifacts testifying to the turbulent history of Krakow, for recognition deserves Armia Krajowa Museum, named General Fieldorf Nil. It located on the Fieldorfa Nila street, near the Central Station.

The museum was established in 2000, but earlier for a period of 10 years, initiators collected historical artifacts. Today in the Museum we can see 7,000 exhibits and more than 1,200 archival materials - mainly donations Soldiers of Armia Krajowa and their families around the world. The museum library has about 11,500 volumes from this period and telling about the hardships of action in the Army.

The museum was created to show how the Polish underground work both in terms of organization, but also from the spiritual
idea. Numerous collections show the shape and patriotic heritage from the times of formation Armia Krajowa (1942) to the present

The museum, in addition to the permanent exhibitions, are organized numerous events, conferences, lectures, readings, lectures and other forms museum lessons.