wtorek, 2 czerwca 2015

Townhouses Krakow

Warm evening, Sunday walk - Krakow always charms. Residents and visitors love the charm of Krakow's because of warmth, which exudes and makes everyone there feels in some way exceptional. It is due to the history enchanted in the walls. We feel the spirit of past centuries and great people, who lived and worked in Krakow - observe legacy that now serves the new generations.

Undoubtedly, the charm krakow streets reside in Krakow buildings, magnificent buildings, which are a kind of cultural, social and architectural phenomenon. Their development can be divided into 3 stages:
  • the preliminary phase (half XIII - half of the XIV century.)
  • essential stage (mid XIV - half of the XVIII century.)
  • stage of decline (half XVIII - half of the XVIII century.)

Because of its historical value, townhouses were entered in the register of monuments. There aren't major attractions, but surely arouse the interest of connoisseurs of art, tourists, historians and connoisseurs of literature. Krakow's Old Town townhouses are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is worth, walking the streets of Krakow, pay attention to the signs on buildings. Often they can tell us about the most important facts related with the building or for persons resident there. The best option will be to walk with a guide, for exaple www.discovercracow.eu/tours/details/id/633702/back/all_tours, who will be a companion for us in the magical journey through the streets of old Krakow.