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Ride a bike through Krakow

Although, Krakow is a city with well-organised public transport, there are many obstacles to get to work, school, whatever, due to traffic jams. Recently, ZIKIT (Management of municipal infrastructure and transport in Krakow - in polish - Zarząd Infrastruktury Komunalnej i Transportu w Krakowie) has released an alternative way to get to your destination - BY BIKE. KMK Bike is a chance for those who want to travel ecologically and on time.

How to rent a bike? You need to register on www.kmkbike.pl . Click on the link and follow the instruction:

Click "Rejestracja" (Registration) the blue button under "Logowanie" (Log in). Fulfill all required fields in an online form. Then, you will receive an e-mail in which you need to click on the link to confirm information about you. Next, you will receive via SMS a conforming code that you are obligated to fill in "Szczegółowe dane" (Details). After receiving a password, recharge your account a minimum amount of 20 PLN (it is more or less 5€ - depends on current exchange rate). If you want to rent a bike, it has to be at least 10 PLN on your account! 

The instruction of renting a bike:
1. Click the button "Rent"
2. Enter your mobile phone number - the same you filled in the form
3. Enter the password that you received during the registration process
4. Enter the electronic lock number to the bike are renting
5. You have only 5 minutes to taking out the bike

The instruction of returning a bike:
1. Find a place with electronic lock
2. Click the button "Return"
3. Enter your mobile phone number
4. Enter the password you received during the registration process
5. Enter the electronic lock number
6. You have only 5 minutes to plugging the bike into the electronic lock

1. Renting a bike from 0 to 30 minutes - 0 PLN
2. Renting from 31 to 60 minutes - 3 PLN
3. Every next hour - 3 PLN

The maximum time of renting is 12 hours. 

poniedziałek, 4 sierpnia 2014

Top 10 Cafes in Krakow

I prepare a ranking of top 10 cafes in Krakow, according to my suggestions. 

I fell in love with Karmello at first sight. Great place with low coffee prices ( comparatively) and delicious chocolate treats.  

One of the largest company in the world that have many satisfied clients. Yummy! I definitety recommend it. 

Cosy and comfortable place near Main Square. If you want to drink coffee or warm chocolate in quiet place - go there. 

Great place to hang out with your friends , not only with your Love. I recommend a dessert with white chocolate and strawberries!

It is a place for hipsters, I guess. They provide various cupcakes, different of each day. You can also order cupcakes earlier. A coffee is not my favour there, but you should taste cupcakes. They look amazing and taste delicious too. 

Grzegorz Turnau - a great polish artist, is an owner of Nowa Prowincja. I like this place due to the atmosphere. I recommend. :)

It is not a casual place to drink coffee. I usually go there to drink something else :>. I prefer drinking wine in Bunkier.

Maybe, there is not a luxury place, but coffee is perfect. People who work in Karma are very positive!

This cafe is situated in Hotel Royal Krakow. A design of place is pretty nice. Near Wawel Castle :)

Colorful place. A little far from the Main Square, but in the neighbourhood of AGH University of Science and Technology. 

What is your opinion of these cafes? Tell me :)

Gluten-free restaurants

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from coeliac disease. It is a big problem, because they cannot eat everything. In most food there is a gluten. What is a gluten? Gluten is a mix of vegetable protein, glutenins and gliadin. Intolerance of gluten causes damage in human body, especially in intestinal villi.

Depends on how long you will stay in Poland, you need to know places with gluten-free food.

1. Sweets shop "Cukiernia RED" (Zarzecze Street 9)
If you like candies, you should visit this sweets shop. They serve very popular desserts without gluten like pana cotta. You are also provided by a special place for your children, where they can draw something etc.

2. La Manzana (Miodowa Street 11)
They serve mexican food. Pretty sure, food is gluten-free.

3. Cafe Culca (Mostowa Street 14)
They prepare meals from fresh vegetables and fruit. In the wide range of meals, you will find pasta gluten-free, many salads, fishes etc.

4. Lunch Bar Ancho (Rakowicka Street 19/1)
Located near the centre of city. They specialize in vegetarian and gluten-free food. Every day, they inform their customers about new prepared meals via Facebook. You have a guarantee of quality there. There is also wifi.

5. Pod Baranem (St Gertruda Street 21) 
Located near the Wawel Castle. Many famous people ate there like ministers, presidents etc.

Enjoy your meal!

piątek, 1 sierpnia 2014

Currency in Krakow

A polish official currency is the zloty (literally "golden"). One złoty is subdivided into one hundred groszy. Most of products have price tags with an abbreviation "zł" which means the same as zloty. You can also meet PLN - a symbol of polish zloty, which is used since 1995.

Krakow as a very attractive city for tourists, has a wide range of various services. You can easily change your currency for another for e.g. USD to EUR or EUR to PLN etc. Around the Main Square you will see many currency exchange offices, in Poland so-called "Kantor". Exchange offices' owners usually show sell rate of exchange of a currency and currency purchase rate in front of an entrance, therefore are able to compare them and choose a favourable exchange rate for you.

What if you want to pay in euros?
Frankly, Poland belongs to the European Union, but not to eurozone. We use only PLN. Recently, many shops have accepted euros, therefore you can try paying in euros.

Good luck!

wtorek, 15 lipca 2014

Transport in Krakow

What to know when you decide to visit Krakow?

The main railway station and the main bus station are located near each other. Ar regards trains, there are many various types of trains you can arrive and depart from Krakow to city you choose. These days, the railway station is modernizing to provide comfortable and high quality of services. On the other hand, the bus station is also well-equipped with modern air-conditioned buses. There are boxes where you can buy tickets and find out about other information you need about transport.

There are links you will problably need to travel with PKP Intercity, regional transport in Poland and in general the timetable. 

Public transport

Public transport is well-organized in Krakow due to numerous of trams and buses (including daily and night transport). Most of monuments are situated round the main market therefore it is better to visit them by feet. Nevertheless, many bikes are rented by people who want to travel in ecological way. If you plan travel in long distance, check a timetable or plan your travel with JakDojade. Almost every page describing attractions have information about their location so it is necessary if you choose to travel with JakDojade, because there is a field of your current location and a destination place (sign an address of an attraction). The app shows you how to get somewhere and how long it takes. There are some types of tickets like one-trip tickets, season tickets. The price list is available on a website. The machines are available almost in every bus and tram so you are obligated to valid your ticket immediately. If there is no machine, a driver must sell you a ticket so you can travel legally through the city. There are also machines on the stop buses (menu in a few languages). 

Krakowska Karta Miejsca empowers you to travel with the public transport. It's a season ticket. You can buy it in Krakow (e.g. Podwale Street) but remember you need your ID and picture of you. If you are a student, don't forget your student ID, because you are entitled to half price ticket. 

środa, 9 lipca 2014

How to get to Auschwitz - Birkenau

All of you heard about Auschwitz - the concentration camp near Oświęcim (Lesser Poland) at least once in whole life. Most of you think about tour to Auschwitz from Krakow.

Every year, milions of visitors from around the world walk through the gate bearing a fallacious inscription: "Arbeit mach frei" - in English - "Work sets on free".  The place has remained a living monument of death.

Trips with a private transport has a big advantage in compare with other type of transport - you might be picked up from hotel you're staying. After your guided tour of Auschwitz you will return to Hotel or City Centre - it depends on you.

Small group guided tours with a maximum of 19 people ensures personalised attention at all times. If you want to join the trip, you have some options to choose like free hotel pick up or arranged meeting at St Jan 2 Street. What is more, the lunchbox is included to the price so no worries you will not find a place to buy food. Even you are not able to undersand polish language, tours companies ensure supervision of english speaker tour leader.

In general, you can choose Auschwitz - Birkenau and Memorial Museum guided tour. This type of trip is cheaper, but food is not guaranteed. For students - surprise! Entrance fee is lower than usual for students aged up to 24 holding a valid student ID. The same case as in small group guided tours - if you do not understand polish language, you can rent a headphone (english, french, spanish, italian, german).

If you have any questions - do  not hesitate - write to me. :)

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Groceries in Krakow

There are 3 places in Krakow where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruit.

Stary Kleparz registered to the history of the city. The market was located on main roads of trade in Europe. If you lived in that time, there was a specific market with many necessary products and goods. Only there you had a guarantee you would get what you wanted. Now, You can admire embroidered merchant's stall at Stary Kleparz with a picture of Divine Mother of Immaculate Conception with a child on her hand - a patron of merchants.

Nowadays, People who traded are fourth generation of merchants. They will always remember about poors and weakers.

Breaking news: it's started a strawberries season, please come to Stary Kleparz and buy it for a strawberry pie :)

Nowy Kleparz is situated on Długa Street. It's a similar place to Stary Kleparz but with different location.
Unfortunately, due to reorganization of public transport, it's difficult to reach a market. On sundays, you can exchange your book or something else for another goods without paying special fee like merchants usually do in such places. It's a great opportunity to have something interesting for your own. There is a hard time for merchants from Nowy Kleparz, because as you know, there are opened shops like Biedronka or Carrefour and so on. In connetion with this people prefer going to that shops which are nearer than e.g. stalls. Many people have moved from there to the central part of city too.

Plac Imbramowski is a market where people vitis rarely. It's probably because of the location. One of the advantage is that the market is larger than Stary Kleparz or Nowy Kleparz. There is much larger selection of products you might need.

In my opinion, it is better to buy fresh vegetables and fruit from a market than from supermarkets where a price is usually higher and probably food stuck on the shells for long time. Market's advantage is that you can agree on a price of what you want to, contrary to the supermarkets where level of prices is already agreed.

piątek, 27 czerwca 2014

It is gonna be a great Friday!

Have you got any plans for Friday? No? Walking along the Vistula? Good. But maybe this time you will go with your friends to the cinema!

My sugestions for today:

1. "Maleficent" 2014 (Fantasy/for families)

Titled Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) used to be a pretty, good girl, but her childhood was disturbed by a war in which she defended her homeland. The betrayal she has experienced turned her heart into stone. She cast a spell on Aurora who is a king's daughter from opposite kingdom.


- Cinema City Bonarka
* 6 pm (3D)
* 8:15 pm (3D)
* 10:30 pm (3D)
- Cinema City Kazimierz
* 6:40 pm (3D)
* 8:50 pm (3D)

2. "A million ways to die in the West" 2014 (Comedy)

It is a great story about a farmer who looks after sheeps somewhere in US. He is in relationship, but he is a coward and his girlfriend decided to left him for another guy. Some girl who has just arrived to the city made a farmer to believe in himself. Unfortunately, in the same time, has appeared a man (a criminal) which turned out to be that girl husband.

- Cinema City Bonarka
* 5:15 pm
* 7:45 pm
* 10:15 pm
- Cinema City Kazimierz
* 6:30 pm
* 9:45 pm
- Cinema City Krakow Plaza
* 6:30 pm
- Cinema City Zakopianka
* 8:45 pm

3. "Love punch" 2014 (Comedy)

Despite of the fact that Kate and Richard are divorced, they are friends. During their common life, they have put their money to pension fund which has been on the verge of bancruptcy lately. When they realized an owner of this pension fund bought a ring with a diamond for her fiance, they decided to steal it.

- Cinema City Bonarka
* 5:15 pm
* 7:30 pm
* 8:45 pm
* 9:45 pm
- Cinema City Kazimierz
* 5:45 pm
* 8 pm
* 10:15 pm
- Cinema City Zakopianka
* 6:45 pm
* 9 pm

Tell me in comments if you enjoy your time watching a film I recommend or not :)

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How do find a job in Krakow?

There are many young, tallented, well educated people whose dreams come true.
Outsourcing is very popular amoung large companies, which thanks to a cost-saving strategy can work efficiently.

List of outsourcing in Lesser Poland:

1. . HAYS Poland LLC (Limited Liability Company) – Krakow
2.  Capgemini Poland LLC - the centre of outsourcing in Krakow
3. Sunai - TSC (Trade Service Company)
4.  Hewitt Associates 
5. IBM Poland LLC - branch in Krakow
6. HCL Poland LLC
7. Ericpol POLAND - branch in Krakow
8. Comarch 
9. Nixsys partnership
10. State Street Corporation POLAND 
11. NATEK International Consulting and Outsourcing Services, Poland
12. Pulsar Projekt
14. Fidelis Corp., IT
15. Outsourcing Direct
16.  Ernst & Young 
17. Sygnity JSC (Joint-Stock Company) - branch in Krakow
18. Modis Poland LLC
19. Deloitte - Office in Krakow
20. Logica Krakow
21. Translation Agency Alingua 
22. Base and Banking System LLC, Office in Krakow
23. Evolving - Office in Krakow
24. Softel LLC
25. AZSoft JSC - Contact Center 
26. Accountancy Poland, LLC capital company
27. Faber LLC accounting office
29. LAP development 
30. noxIT
32. Accounting Office in Krakow - FACTOR
33. Compax
34. DGM

Students usually are resistant to stress, strong, flexible, and they want to earn lots of money. They have power to move mountains. These features are most wanted by companies. But it is risky, why? Due to the fact that Krakow is a student's city, companies can recruit the best of them. The situation on the labour market is dificult, especially for young people, so they are willing to work for low wages. Despite of the fact, we (I mean Poland) have strong human capital which is developing all the time by education system and employment policy, people in working age are forced to looking for a job abroad. There is no effective tool resolving problems on the labour market in Poland. 


If you know foreign languages and you are not afraid of using them in practice, you rule! There is higher probability you will be hired by a company you've always dreamt of. 

Most of outsourcing companies have organized competitions from time to time in which you can win an internship. It is important to gain experience because during recruitment process recruiters often look at your resume (part with experience). Remember about it and use opportunities you've been given by others. 

Top 10 cheap accomodation in Krakow

Have you ever wonder where to stay for one night in Krakow?
I made some research for me and I would like to share my opinion with you.

1. Cybulskiego Guest Rooms (Cybulskiego 6 Street)

- Near the Main Square
- Neat the Railway Station
- No limit of time when you have to be quiet at night
- Internet/Wi-Fi
- Credit cards are acceptable
- Access to the laundry
- For families with children
- For people with pets
- Price includes breakfast, towels, luggage storage, bedding
- Parking is available

- Average price
- Check-in time (the earliest 1 p.m.)
- Rooms for no smokers

2. Mint's Place (Floriańska 51/5 Street)

- Near the Main Square
- No limit of time when you have to be quiet at night
- Internet/Wi-Fi
- Access to the laundry
- Wake up call

- Shared kitchen
- Price doesn't include towels

3. High Life Hostel (Starowiślna 16/4 Street)


- Near the Main Square
- Near the Kazimierz District
- Credit cards are acceptable
 - Wake up call
- Place for barbecue
- For people with pets
- Price includes towels, bedding, luggage storage
- Parking is available
- Game room
- Renting bikes
- Reception available 24/7


- Self-catering

4. Football Corner Hostel (Wróblewskiego 3/4 Street)


- Access to the kitchen (cooker, kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge)
- Laptop with access to the Internet
- Printer, hair dryer, social games, laundry with dryer are available


- Shared kitchen
- Price doesn't include breakfast and towels

5. Moon Hostel New (Halicka 11 Street)


- Low price
- Price includes coffee, tea, bedding
- Access to the laundry
- Possibility to rent a bike
- Reception open 24/7
- Cleaning of rooms
- Credit cards are acceptable


- Shared kitchen

6. Pink Panther's Hotel (Św. Tomasza 8 Street)


- Near the Main Square, Rainway Station, Wawel Castle
- Reception available 24/7
- Free coffee and tea for all day
- Luggage storage available after you check out
- Organize daily events like speghetti dinner or wine evening
- Credit cards are acceptable


- Especially for students

7. Greg&Tom Beer House Hostel (Floriańska 43 Street)


- Credit cards are acceptable
- No limit of time when you have to be quiet at night
- Near the Main Square
- Game rooms available
- Price includes breakfasts
- Access to the kitchen
- WiFi available in rooms
- Free print


- Not for organized group over 6 people
- People who don't live in hostel cannot be here between 10 pm and 8 am

8. Ars Hostel&Bar (Koletek 7 Street)


- Reception available 24/7
- Access to the bar
- Free documents print
- Access to the laundry
- Free WiFi
- Price includes renting a bike
- Near the Wawel Castle


- Shared kitchen

9. Tramp Aparthostel (Św. Tomasza 30 Street)


- Near the Main Square
- For families with children
- Reception available 24/7
- Library and game rooms available
- Free WiFi
- Price includes bedding
- Credit cards are acceptable


- Smoking no allowed
- Price doesn't include towels

10. Let's Rock Hostel (Grodzka 34 Street)


- Reception available 24/7
- Price includes breakfasts
- No limit of time when you have to be quiet at night
- Organize daily events like movie night, karaoke
- Free coffee and tea


 - Price doesn't include towels

środa, 4 czerwca 2014

Quick trip through the Kazimierz District

At the beginning, we have started on the Szeroka Street.

1. The first point on your map is Helena Rubinstein's House. She was a Pole of Jewish origin, born in Krakow in 1872. Helena was a founder of cosmetics company named Helena Rubinstein Inc. She was regarded as a one of the richest women of the time. Nowadays, luxury creams and powders are signed her name. Her childhood was not a bed of roses at all. Visit this House situated on Szeroka 14 Street. 

2. Then, you have to see Remuh Synagogue located on Szeroka 40 Street. The synagogue is one of two active synagogues in the city where are held devotions. The Synagogue with Remuh Cementery create a unique team of Jewish architecture. 

3. Next, another point in your trip is the Old Synagogue situated on the Szeroka 24 Street. the Old Synagogue is one of the oldest survived in Poland. The monument was founded by Czech Jews who arrived to Krakow in 1389. One of the most important event in the synagogue history was a speech of Tadeusz Kościuszko, who encouraged Jews to fight for the freedom of our common homeland. The Historical Museum of Krakow is planning to restore a historical fence of the synagogue which was made in the 20th century by Zygmunt Hendel.  

4. The biggest synagogue in Kazimierz District is the Issac Synagogue situated on the corner two streets: Kupa 18 Street and Isaac Street. The monument has been regarded as the richest synagouge in the city for many years. During the World War II, the interior of the synagogue was distroyed with their valuable equipment forever. Since 1997, the synagogue has been opened for tourists. 

5. Then, Reformed synagogue located on the Miodowa 24 Street. During the World War II the synagogue was distroyed by Nazis who turned it into a stable for horses. In the early 90s of the 20th century, the World Monuments Fund in New York entered the synagogue on the list of Jewish Heritage Program in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the WMF, were started a renovation work in 1994. 

6. Next, the New Square, popularly known as Jewish Square. In the middle of the square is rotunda, popularly named as saucepan (by locals). This is a pavilion built in 1900, consisting of two objects: inner hall and "ring" with different shops. These buildings are separated by a corridor.  Currently, the square operates on weekdays as a market where you can buy vegetables and valuable antiques. Around the square there are many cafes and pubs. 

7. Church of Corpus Christi was founded by Kazimierz Wielki about 1340. The first church was wooden. Construction of  a new church was started in 1385. Thanks to Pope John Paul II, the church has been raised to the dignity of a minor basilica. Organy, which is musical instrument used mostly in churchs, 
are the largest instrument in Krakow. Moreover, they are designed for 83 voices. 

8. The Wolnica Square is a part of the original market of Kazimierz, created in 1335. the square has been as big as present the Main Square in Krakow many years ago. It has served similar functions like trade (exchange of goods). Since the end of World War II, in the town hall in the middle of the square has headquartered the Ethnographic Museum with its collection of folk art. 

9. Then, Church of Sts. Catherine of Alexandria and Margaret in Krakow. The team of churchs is the best examples of gotics architecture in Poland. The interesting thing is that the church has been never completed. Because of two earthquakes, the church was seriously destroyed in 1443 and 1786. It is a phenomenon due to the fact that earthquakes are rare in Poland.  

10. The church and monastery of the Pauline on the Rock. "On the Rock" comes from the location of the team of churchs. IOn the courtyard in front of the temple there is a pond of St. Stanislaus of the 17th century stone fence. Near the pond stands the Altar of the Three Millennia. 

11. Crypt of Merit on the Rock also called the Cementery of the Great Poles is situated in the basement of the church the Pauline. The Crypt was created in 1880 according to the project of professor Łepkowski.

Get to know Jewish history on walking tour of Kazimierz

środa, 28 maja 2014

Top 10 things to do

1. Visit St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church on the Main Square is a place of religious worship. Inside that beautiful church you might see the most incredible 15th century altrapiece by Wit Stwosz (German sculptor).I would say that it is the largest Gothic scultpure in whole world. Furthermore the is an opportunity to climb the tower to watch views. 
Tip: May 1 until August 31 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9 am -11:30 am and 1 pm- 5:30 pm

2. Cross the Kładka Bernatka bridge

Kładka Bernatka is a bridge over the Vistula where lovers leave padlocks to show their connection with the city and of course strong connection with another person. In the evening footbridge shimmers in different colors lighting up the night. 

3. Walking across the Vistula Boulevards

As you know, the Vistula is regarded as the longest river in Poland. People willingly spend their spare time jogging, strolling and so on. The Vistula Boulevards offer you a possibility to take photos of Wawel Hill. Moreover, you can get easily from Podgórze to Kazimierz District walking along the Vistula. 

4. Climbing on Kopiec Kraka

Kopiec Kraka is located on the right bank of the Vistula in the Podgórze District. According to Jan Długosz (Polish Historian, chronicler) the Kopiec Kraka was erected in honor of Krak (the legendary founder of the Krakow). Enjoy views for free. The lawn below it offers a great spot for picnics.

5. Visit Plac Nowy

Plac Nowy is the central place of Kazimierz District. This part of the city is still alive during the day and at night. Aside from the lively nightlife, you can also order food. If you go there, you will be surprise, because in the building located in the middle of the square are served the best casseroles and even at night the queues are very long to buy them.

6. Performence of the Main Square

Due to the fact that the Main Square is the most popular place, during the day thousands of tourists pass through it. In consequence may important events take place there. Should be noted that the Main Square in Krakow is the largest medieval market square in Europe. Furthermore you should admire street performers who amaze their skills. 

7. Visit Czartoryski museum

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm. 
What you should learn about:
Museum is the oldest Czartoryski Museum in Poland and is connected with the name of the most promitent aristocratic family of an ancient Poland. During World War II, last lord Augustine Czartoryski was forced by the Nazis to leave the country. As regards the museum was destroyed. In 1989, thanks to the political breakthrough, Adam Karol Czartoryski regained collections and established the Princes Czartoryski Foundation.

8. Wawel Royal Castle

In Wawel Royal Castle you might see the State Art Collection. To begin with, collection is a national cultural institution. The Archives of Wawel Castle contain documents, manustripts and records. You should remember that there are a few exhibitions. Each of them has a separate entrance (you have to pay a seperate ticket too). Five of the eight permanent exhibitions are in the castle, the sixth is the youngest (the royal gardens which are opened in 2005) and is a part of the residence. In the castle are the State Rooms and the Royal Private Apartments, Crown Trasury and Armory and also Oriental Art.

Tickets for the exhibitions in the Castle are issued for specific entrance times:
1) at the ticket offices;
2) at the Tourist Service Office.

9. Try a regional cuisine

The specificity of Lesser Poland cuisine has its origins in the days of Galicia. Although the Lesser Poland was only a part of Galicia, when it comes to the culinary aspect, there are visible influence of Austrian, Hungarian, Czech, Jewish, German and Wallachian. Thanks to the influence of Austrian, we've got a brawn - snack of pork, served with mustard sauce and also Wiener schnitzel. Caraway, in itself, is an important component of Lesser Poland cuisine has become an iconic addtion to the bread - especially known Bosnian, which without caraway will not be so tasty. Specific examples are bagels and pretzels. 

10. Listen to live jazz

If you like jazz, you have to visit Kazimierz District and feel the local atmosphere. Krakow has always been famous with great interest in jazz. The aesthetics of this genre of music is perfectly suited to the local pubs, clubs and cafes. In the first place slid located in Kazimierz - Alchemia. Krakow soaks jazz, to the same extend as plays a huge role in the biggest events in the area. Jewish Culture Festival is one of them. 

Want to see those attractions? I recommend organized tours

czwartek, 22 maja 2014

How to...

To begin with, focus on leasure activities during a sunny day. As far as I am concerned the best way is to lie on the grass near the Vistula. I am convinced that you like reading books/newspapers or something similar. I suppose you have your favourite kind of books and you read them from time to time. It seems to me that some books are in your library or you will buy in the near future or borrow from someone. What if a book you need the most is unavailable? 
source: weheartit.com

Judging from the fact that in Krakow there are many schools of higher education, it is required to have many libraries. Thus you can go there and borrow a book. But what's the catch? Libraries require a student ID or library card. You can get that card if you sign library rules and pay a fee. Usually it is around 5 to 10 zloty (a one-time fee). As far as I know, if you are a student the fee is lower that usual. 

I have every reason to believe that you will manage this task. I would also say provincial public library which is located on the Rajska 1 street, have a huge assortment of books in different language, not only in polish. So it's an advantage!

With borrowed book, go to the Vistula and enjoy the weather! :) 

In the meantime you can go buy icecream on Starowiślna street. There is very popular confectionery and they have very tasty icecreams. I recommend that place of course. In the evening usually is colder than in the noon therefore you can run along the river with your friends. 

source: weheartit.com

czwartek, 15 maja 2014

Boring evenings?

It's Thursday today, my friends! Even you work a lot during a week, doesn't mean you cannot do something funny. Besides, we are going to start the weekend tomorrow! For sure I have to remind you about the Night of Museums in Krakow. We usually start at 7 p.m. but it's better to go out earlier, because interest in the event is HUGE! 

Like I wrote above, this event attracks crowds of people on the streets every year. While you are waiting for an entry to a museum, you can make new friends. The programme of the Night of  Museum contains a total of 27 museums like e.g. Schindler's Factory and Wawel Castle. Let's focuse on the most interesting places and go there quickly!That opportunity to visit most of them for free will not happen again. How to participate in the event? Just follow the programme, take your camera or smartphone and enjoy your time :)

This year, MOCAK prepares lots of surprises. 

Remember, musems will be close until midnight !

source: http://www.mhk.pl/aktualnosci/noc-muzeow-2014-w-mhk

środa, 14 maja 2014

Sleepy day

How to survive a day like this? I prefer sunny day instead of raining. But when you must wake up, there is no chance to be alive without coffee. If your apartment is not equipped with a coffee machine like mine, you will presumably buy a cup of coffee out. Some of us have to go to work/school... whatever. You will probably fight inside you to not fall asleep because the consequences might be dramatic. E.g. I cannot affort that such situation will take place therefore I could lose my job.
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Do you want to know how I deal with boring day, but not drinking coffee at all? In my veins flow energy drink, I assume, because I sleep not much. Excercises allow to feel better for the rest of the day. In Krakow you will find plenty of gyms. Sometimes, when you don't have to much time to go to the gym, you can also do jogging 3-4 times a week before your breakfast. Then you can rule the world! :)
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In case of a leak in your plan, you can always go with someone else to the cinema (Multikino, Cinema City) and watch film you interested in or go to the theatre (Bagatela or Słowackiego). Many academic circles in Krakow organised events involving meetings with famous people like actors, singers, journalists, CEOs and so on. Most of them are opened and you can join and hear what that person (or a group) wants to say. Probably after the event you may take a photo of you and celebrity/star.

Where should I eat?

I usually eat at home, but when I'm in hurry I do not really have time to make some food. Before I run for the bus, I need to buy a croissant in my favourite bakery near my place of living. It's delicious and light food therefore there is no worry that I will have some stomachake. You should be aware of marketing method. Them closer to a monument that meals prices are higher. Thus I recommend smaller bakery than bigger ones. Smaller doesn't mean worse. Of course every stick has two ends but it's my choice and frankly better for me to buy what I like.
Don't forget to buy a coffee! Vanilla Latte from Starbucks wakes you up and makes a smile on your face for long time.

During the day, when I work and cannot cook a dinner, I order a dinner to go from Northfish fast food restaurant.
They fry fresh and tasty fishes every day. In addition, on your plate are fresh vegetables. Mmm... yummi! I like this place because of its atmosphere, food and design of a place. The different between Northfish and McDonald is huge! Just taste and tell me I'm wrong ;-).

In the evening, when I'm happily after work, I often take my friends to the Market Square to the Camera Cafe on Wiślna Street. They've served amazing hot chocolate! My favourite is a white chocolate with strawberries. That place is created for lovers, I guess but for best friends too.

If you cannot eat sweets for some reasons, you should take your friends to the Cisza. Perfect place for meetings. Everyone, even abstinents will find something for themselves.

I want to go to Krakow by bus!

Okay, you are at the Bus Station in Krakow. So what? The nearest place where you probably eat something is Galeria Krakowska - a big department store with clothing stores and food too! There are fast food restaurants, but if you want to eat heathier food you should go to restaurants.

Let's focuse on an important thing! Is it your first time when you come to Krakow? Don't be afraid. People always help you to get to your place of destination. But if they refuse to help you because of language barrier, you may use a map (map is usually in every shop with souvenirs). Thanks to the technology progress, almost every person has a smartphone. There is an option to download an app 
which you write your location and a final destination. The app shows you how long it will take to get there, how much you have to pay for a ticket and where you need to change a bus and take another. 

Even you don't have this app, there is no problem, because timetables are available and described clearly. 

Attention! You have to valid your ticket inside a bus or a tram instantly you get in. How to buy a ticket? Usually buses and trams have machines so first of all, you insert coins (only coins!) and then the machine prints the ticket you have to valid. You'll be amazed due to a voice instruction in the public transport in Krakow. Frankly, it is a good solution for foreigners, IMO. :) Take a sit and look at the window. 

I almost forget to tell you that if you decide to stay longer in Krakow like I do, MPK Krakow (the institution taking care of public transport) create KKM (it's a kind of a card that allows you to buy period tickets) which saves your money in long term. KKM can have everyone. There are view information points in Krakow. If you want to have such a card, they require to bring a photo of you and another document of your identity. 

First step

Probably you are wondering how to get to here? Due to Krakow is a capital city of Lesser Poland Province, there is an international airport in Balice (NW) called John Paul II. Those are many airplanes which fly almost to every part of the world. So don't worry, please come to Poland and enjoy.
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When you are at the airport, you think about a transport from the airport to the centre. I assure you, you will not get lost! You can rent a car, get a taxi (and pay plenty of money), or use public transport or (there is an other option), you can use city centre bus' services. It depends on you what kind of transport you'll choose. First of all, be optimistic and focused! Think about a high quality of services. 

If you choose public transport or city centre bus you need to know how to buy a ticket. Tickets are available on websites, in ticket offices and you can buy a ticket from the driver, but in this option you have to remember that you will always pay by cash in a bus. Timetables are located on bus stop.

Enjoy your travel!