środa, 14 maja 2014

Where should I eat?

I usually eat at home, but when I'm in hurry I do not really have time to make some food. Before I run for the bus, I need to buy a croissant in my favourite bakery near my place of living. It's delicious and light food therefore there is no worry that I will have some stomachake. You should be aware of marketing method. Them closer to a monument that meals prices are higher. Thus I recommend smaller bakery than bigger ones. Smaller doesn't mean worse. Of course every stick has two ends but it's my choice and frankly better for me to buy what I like.
Don't forget to buy a coffee! Vanilla Latte from Starbucks wakes you up and makes a smile on your face for long time.

During the day, when I work and cannot cook a dinner, I order a dinner to go from Northfish fast food restaurant.
They fry fresh and tasty fishes every day. In addition, on your plate are fresh vegetables. Mmm... yummi! I like this place because of its atmosphere, food and design of a place. The different between Northfish and McDonald is huge! Just taste and tell me I'm wrong ;-).

In the evening, when I'm happily after work, I often take my friends to the Market Square to the Camera Cafe on Wiślna Street. They've served amazing hot chocolate! My favourite is a white chocolate with strawberries. That place is created for lovers, I guess but for best friends too.

If you cannot eat sweets for some reasons, you should take your friends to the Cisza. Perfect place for meetings. Everyone, even abstinents will find something for themselves.