czwartek, 15 maja 2014

Boring evenings?

It's Thursday today, my friends! Even you work a lot during a week, doesn't mean you cannot do something funny. Besides, we are going to start the weekend tomorrow! For sure I have to remind you about the Night of Museums in Krakow. We usually start at 7 p.m. but it's better to go out earlier, because interest in the event is HUGE! 

Like I wrote above, this event attracks crowds of people on the streets every year. While you are waiting for an entry to a museum, you can make new friends. The programme of the Night of  Museum contains a total of 27 museums like e.g. Schindler's Factory and Wawel Castle. Let's focuse on the most interesting places and go there quickly!That opportunity to visit most of them for free will not happen again. How to participate in the event? Just follow the programme, take your camera or smartphone and enjoy your time :)

This year, MOCAK prepares lots of surprises. 

Remember, musems will be close until midnight !