środa, 14 maja 2014

I want to go to Krakow by bus!

Okay, you are at the Bus Station in Krakow. So what? The nearest place where you probably eat something is Galeria Krakowska - a big department store with clothing stores and food too! There are fast food restaurants, but if you want to eat heathier food you should go to restaurants.

Let's focuse on an important thing! Is it your first time when you come to Krakow? Don't be afraid. People always help you to get to your place of destination. But if they refuse to help you because of language barrier, you may use a map (map is usually in every shop with souvenirs). Thanks to the technology progress, almost every person has a smartphone. There is an option to download an app 
which you write your location and a final destination. The app shows you how long it will take to get there, how much you have to pay for a ticket and where you need to change a bus and take another. 

Even you don't have this app, there is no problem, because timetables are available and described clearly. 

Attention! You have to valid your ticket inside a bus or a tram instantly you get in. How to buy a ticket? Usually buses and trams have machines so first of all, you insert coins (only coins!) and then the machine prints the ticket you have to valid. You'll be amazed due to a voice instruction in the public transport in Krakow. Frankly, it is a good solution for foreigners, IMO. :) Take a sit and look at the window. 

I almost forget to tell you that if you decide to stay longer in Krakow like I do, MPK Krakow (the institution taking care of public transport) create KKM (it's a kind of a card that allows you to buy period tickets) which saves your money in long term. KKM can have everyone. There are view information points in Krakow. If you want to have such a card, they require to bring a photo of you and another document of your identity.