środa, 28 maja 2014

Top 10 things to do

1. Visit St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church on the Main Square is a place of religious worship. Inside that beautiful church you might see the most incredible 15th century altrapiece by Wit Stwosz (German sculptor).I would say that it is the largest Gothic scultpure in whole world. Furthermore the is an opportunity to climb the tower to watch views. 
Tip: May 1 until August 31 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9 am -11:30 am and 1 pm- 5:30 pm

2. Cross the Kładka Bernatka bridge

Kładka Bernatka is a bridge over the Vistula where lovers leave padlocks to show their connection with the city and of course strong connection with another person. In the evening footbridge shimmers in different colors lighting up the night. 

3. Walking across the Vistula Boulevards

As you know, the Vistula is regarded as the longest river in Poland. People willingly spend their spare time jogging, strolling and so on. The Vistula Boulevards offer you a possibility to take photos of Wawel Hill. Moreover, you can get easily from Podgórze to Kazimierz District walking along the Vistula. 

4. Climbing on Kopiec Kraka

Kopiec Kraka is located on the right bank of the Vistula in the Podgórze District. According to Jan Długosz (Polish Historian, chronicler) the Kopiec Kraka was erected in honor of Krak (the legendary founder of the Krakow). Enjoy views for free. The lawn below it offers a great spot for picnics.

5. Visit Plac Nowy

Plac Nowy is the central place of Kazimierz District. This part of the city is still alive during the day and at night. Aside from the lively nightlife, you can also order food. If you go there, you will be surprise, because in the building located in the middle of the square are served the best casseroles and even at night the queues are very long to buy them.

6. Performence of the Main Square

Due to the fact that the Main Square is the most popular place, during the day thousands of tourists pass through it. In consequence may important events take place there. Should be noted that the Main Square in Krakow is the largest medieval market square in Europe. Furthermore you should admire street performers who amaze their skills. 

7. Visit Czartoryski museum

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm. 
What you should learn about:
Museum is the oldest Czartoryski Museum in Poland and is connected with the name of the most promitent aristocratic family of an ancient Poland. During World War II, last lord Augustine Czartoryski was forced by the Nazis to leave the country. As regards the museum was destroyed. In 1989, thanks to the political breakthrough, Adam Karol Czartoryski regained collections and established the Princes Czartoryski Foundation.

8. Wawel Royal Castle

In Wawel Royal Castle you might see the State Art Collection. To begin with, collection is a national cultural institution. The Archives of Wawel Castle contain documents, manustripts and records. You should remember that there are a few exhibitions. Each of them has a separate entrance (you have to pay a seperate ticket too). Five of the eight permanent exhibitions are in the castle, the sixth is the youngest (the royal gardens which are opened in 2005) and is a part of the residence. In the castle are the State Rooms and the Royal Private Apartments, Crown Trasury and Armory and also Oriental Art.

Tickets for the exhibitions in the Castle are issued for specific entrance times:
1) at the ticket offices;
2) at the Tourist Service Office.

9. Try a regional cuisine

The specificity of Lesser Poland cuisine has its origins in the days of Galicia. Although the Lesser Poland was only a part of Galicia, when it comes to the culinary aspect, there are visible influence of Austrian, Hungarian, Czech, Jewish, German and Wallachian. Thanks to the influence of Austrian, we've got a brawn - snack of pork, served with mustard sauce and also Wiener schnitzel. Caraway, in itself, is an important component of Lesser Poland cuisine has become an iconic addtion to the bread - especially known Bosnian, which without caraway will not be so tasty. Specific examples are bagels and pretzels. 

10. Listen to live jazz

If you like jazz, you have to visit Kazimierz District and feel the local atmosphere. Krakow has always been famous with great interest in jazz. The aesthetics of this genre of music is perfectly suited to the local pubs, clubs and cafes. In the first place slid located in Kazimierz - Alchemia. Krakow soaks jazz, to the same extend as plays a huge role in the biggest events in the area. Jewish Culture Festival is one of them. 

Want to see those attractions? I recommend organized tours