czwartek, 22 maja 2014

How to...

To begin with, focus on leasure activities during a sunny day. As far as I am concerned the best way is to lie on the grass near the Vistula. I am convinced that you like reading books/newspapers or something similar. I suppose you have your favourite kind of books and you read them from time to time. It seems to me that some books are in your library or you will buy in the near future or borrow from someone. What if a book you need the most is unavailable? 

Judging from the fact that in Krakow there are many schools of higher education, it is required to have many libraries. Thus you can go there and borrow a book. But what's the catch? Libraries require a student ID or library card. You can get that card if you sign library rules and pay a fee. Usually it is around 5 to 10 zloty (a one-time fee). As far as I know, if you are a student the fee is lower that usual. 

I have every reason to believe that you will manage this task. I would also say provincial public library which is located on the Rajska 1 street, have a huge assortment of books in different language, not only in polish. So it's an advantage!

With borrowed book, go to the Vistula and enjoy the weather! :) 

In the meantime you can go buy icecream on Starowiślna street. There is very popular confectionery and they have very tasty icecreams. I recommend that place of course. In the evening usually is colder than in the noon therefore you can run along the river with your friends.