czwartek, 26 czerwca 2014

How do find a job in Krakow?

There are many young, tallented, well educated people whose dreams come true.
Outsourcing is very popular amoung large companies, which thanks to a cost-saving strategy can work efficiently.

List of outsourcing in Lesser Poland:

1. . HAYS Poland LLC (Limited Liability Company) – Krakow
2.  Capgemini Poland LLC - the centre of outsourcing in Krakow
3. Sunai - TSC (Trade Service Company)
4.  Hewitt Associates 
5. IBM Poland LLC - branch in Krakow
6. HCL Poland LLC
7. Ericpol POLAND - branch in Krakow
8. Comarch 
9. Nixsys partnership
10. State Street Corporation POLAND 
11. NATEK International Consulting and Outsourcing Services, Poland
12. Pulsar Projekt
14. Fidelis Corp., IT
15. Outsourcing Direct
16.  Ernst & Young 
17. Sygnity JSC (Joint-Stock Company) - branch in Krakow
18. Modis Poland LLC
19. Deloitte - Office in Krakow
20. Logica Krakow
21. Translation Agency Alingua 
22. Base and Banking System LLC, Office in Krakow
23. Evolving - Office in Krakow
24. Softel LLC
25. AZSoft JSC - Contact Center 
26. Accountancy Poland, LLC capital company
27. Faber LLC accounting office
29. LAP development 
30. noxIT
32. Accounting Office in Krakow - FACTOR
33. Compax
34. DGM

Students usually are resistant to stress, strong, flexible, and they want to earn lots of money. They have power to move mountains. These features are most wanted by companies. But it is risky, why? Due to the fact that Krakow is a student's city, companies can recruit the best of them. The situation on the labour market is dificult, especially for young people, so they are willing to work for low wages. Despite of the fact, we (I mean Poland) have strong human capital which is developing all the time by education system and employment policy, people in working age are forced to looking for a job abroad. There is no effective tool resolving problems on the labour market in Poland. 


If you know foreign languages and you are not afraid of using them in practice, you rule! There is higher probability you will be hired by a company you've always dreamt of. 

Most of outsourcing companies have organized competitions from time to time in which you can win an internship. It is important to gain experience because during recruitment process recruiters often look at your resume (part with experience). Remember about it and use opportunities you've been given by others.