poniedziałek, 4 sierpnia 2014

Top 10 Cafes in Krakow

I prepare a ranking of top 10 cafes in Krakow, according to my suggestions. 

I fell in love with Karmello at first sight. Great place with low coffee prices ( comparatively) and delicious chocolate treats.  

One of the largest company in the world that have many satisfied clients. Yummy! I definitety recommend it. 

Cosy and comfortable place near Main Square. If you want to drink coffee or warm chocolate in quiet place - go there. 

Great place to hang out with your friends , not only with your Love. I recommend a dessert with white chocolate and strawberries!

It is a place for hipsters, I guess. They provide various cupcakes, different of each day. You can also order cupcakes earlier. A coffee is not my favour there, but you should taste cupcakes. They look amazing and taste delicious too. 

Grzegorz Turnau - a great polish artist, is an owner of Nowa Prowincja. I like this place due to the atmosphere. I recommend. :)

It is not a casual place to drink coffee. I usually go there to drink something else :>. I prefer drinking wine in Bunkier.

Maybe, there is not a luxury place, but coffee is perfect. People who work in Karma are very positive!

This cafe is situated in Hotel Royal Krakow. A design of place is pretty nice. Near Wawel Castle :)

Colorful place. A little far from the Main Square, but in the neighbourhood of AGH University of Science and Technology. 

What is your opinion of these cafes? Tell me :)