czwartek, 3 września 2015

Let's discover Main Square Underground!

Main Square has always been the biggest attraction of Cracow, but how many people know about another its side – the Underground. To be exact, it's a museum located below the market square and its area counts 6000m2. Work on the underground began in 2005 and museum was opened on 24th September 2010.

You should know that the market square hasn't been always on the level we can se nowadays. In the past centuries, especially in the Middle Age, the market square was located a few meters lower than today. With time and changes in the city, the level of the ground started to raise until the level we can see and walk today.

In the underground there is a regular exhibition and also a temporary one. The main regular exhibition titled „In the footsteps of Crakow's European identity” was opened 27th September 2010. It uses holograms constructed by using the fog machines and many screens and projectors too. Because of the creators hoped to recreate the atmosphere of Cracow seven centuries ago. Visitors can go and explore the medieval exhibits by walking over the glass ramps. They can see 12th century reconstructed workshop, aqueducts, the remains of burned settlements (the oldest from 11th century), 11th century cemetery, medieval pavements and many many other amazing and fascinating things. It's a great history lesson about a life in the Middle Ages. It's good from time to time to leave modern, well-known Main Square to see the other, old face and where everything began. More information you can find here.

And here, DiscoverCracov offers a trip with the guid for people who would like to get more historical information and facts.