czwartek, 27 sierpnia 2015

Cracow and the surroundings 2

The end of summer is a great time to try travelling outside the cit
y to catch the last warm sun rays and admire the beauty of the nature. Especially one place can be really breathtaking and stunning at this time of year - or even a bit later, during the fall, when trees change their colors and the forest looks so colorful.
This place is Dunajec River and Pieniny mountains, located on the South of Poland. The main attraction there is Dunajec River Rafting with its traditional white water rafting.

You can spend time floating down on a wooden raft guided by a man dressed in a traditional folklore clothes and telling you about local anecdotes and legends. The river goes through the mountains so you can admire absolutely amazing view of cliffs shooting up from the water. Rafting usually takes 2,5 hours without a break. It's good to take some packed food for lunch and additional outwear with comfortable shoes.

Rafting starts in Sromowce Niżne and end in Szczawnica located 15 km away. The villages are located around two hours by car from Cracow so not that far away. The trips are available until the end of October, if you will be late, you need to wait until the April when the winter will end. For example, DiscoverCracow offers the trip with a guide. You can find more information here.