czwartek, 20 sierpnia 2015

Stanislaw Lem's Garden of Experiments

Another interesting garden in Cracow is much different from the one mentioned a week ago. It's quite new and you can find varied things which are not really connected with nature, plants or other botanic issues. Stanislaw Lem's Garden of Experiments, known also as Cracow Garden of Experiments, is mainly dedicated to science like physics. People who visit the part can learn about basic physics law while conducting an experiment, they can engage their different senses as well.

Cracow Garden of Experiments is the first initiative of this type in Poland. The general idea was inspired by the similar parks in Nurymberg and Paris. Polish park has been opened since 2007 and it occupies six hectares. The park is located in southeastern part of Cracow.

You can findmany objects dedicated to teaching how physics and nature work, for example gravity, sound waves, balance, the flow of water and so on.

Cracow Garden of Experiments has around 60 different objects and everyone can examine them. For example, an acoustic telegraph, Cartesian diver, Newton's cradle, a giant kaleidoscope, the gongs, the tubular bells, a turntable, telescopes and many, many others. There is also a maze with quotes of Stanislaw Lem, the famous Polish science fiction writer, who wrote many popular novels and short stories, the most known is, for example, Solaris.

It's a great fun for kids, but probably also older visitors can find something intriguing for themselves. More information you can find here.