czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2015

Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University

Hot weather in Cracow encourages to spend time close to the nature and green areas with shadows where you can rest. One of the places is Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, which is a perfect place to visit especially during spring and summer. It was founded in 1783 and is located on the east of the Old Town where occupies 9,6 hectares. It's considered a historical location. The exact address is Copernicus Street 27.

The garden was created for medical students of the Jagiellonian University so that they can learn and do a research. The university rector, Kazimierz Stepkowski, provided five thousands zł to create a garden. It was the first thins kind of garden on a Polish land. The area of the garden extended a few times and current area was established in 1950s.
You can find there varied types of plants and orchids, mainly because of the traveler and botanists, Józef Warszewicz, who travelled to theentral and South America. Because of that today the garden has the oldest and largest collection in Poland, which counts around 500 species.

The collection was changing through the years due to economical and political situation of Poland. At the end of 18th century there were around three thousands of plans, rather useful than decorative. It changed in 19th century and during 20th century the collection was rebuild with help of Luigi Estreicher. In 1976 the Botanic Garden was stated as a monument with historical and cultural value.

Botanic Garden is open only during late spring and summer months, from mid-April to mid-October. You can find many types of orchids, trees, fruit trees and so on. The oldest plants count 150 and 100 years. More information you can find here.