czwartek, 2 lipca 2015

Green areas in Krakow

Every major city needs a space, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle. Often, in such situations, residents travel to nearby towns, where they can relax in nature. Usually, such a trip is associated with an adequate amount of free time. What when we don't have too much time?

In Krakow, next to a large part of the architecture of the city, also has attractive green areas that add to the charm, but also are a place of Sunday rest and afternoon walks. In the city center there are Planty - one of the largest urban parks, ideal for the average stroller. There, that was built monuments dedicated to big figures.

In the city there are also Blonie - huge meadow, which is a place of recreation for residents and tourists, but also recreation for cyclists, joggers and walkers. It is also a very important place for Poles, because there often held meeting with Pope John Paul II, a Pole.

Blonie is located near Jordana Park - a park that has a special charm. Although located in the center, it is a place of silence and relaxation, where you can read a book, ride a bike or just sit on a bench and listen to the birds singing

Typically recreational functions fully Wolski Forest, located in the western part of Krakow. It consists mostly limestone rocks and paths measuring of about 40 km long. Wolski Forest elements include the Krakow Zoo, Mound of Pilsudski and reserves of nature .

A good alternative on a sunny afternoon is also Zakrzówek and Twardowski Rocks – lake, built on the place of the former quarry.