środa, 15 lipca 2015

The Hobby Horse - Lajkonik

Krakow Hobby Horse, known in Poland as Lajkonik, is one of the symbols that have always been associated with the city. It is a bearded man with tartar appearance, dressed in colorful robes, pointy hat and compulsory - with the tailstock attached to a belt.

The figure is associated with the legend of the Tatar invasion. Before one of them, the enemy lurked in the bushes on the river Vistula, in the village of Zwierzyniec, situated next to Krakow.
Unfortunately for them rafters, engaged in the carriage of goods by river, saw them. They attacked the Tatars - it is worth adding that they had no weapons, only their oars. Despite this, Cracovians defeated enemy. Then they dressed up in losers costumes and walked toward the city, causing residents consternation. When it turned out that it Cracovians in joy reigned and in honor of the winners spent a great feast.

On this memorial every year to commemorate this event, passes through the city streets Tatar chan and his retinue. The main character's costume was designed in 1904 by Stanislaw Wyspianski. It is a turban embroidered with beads with the crescent moon at the tip, crimson caftan, red robe and a purple belt. At the side chan hangs a curved saber and in his hand he holding the baton. Legend says that whoever is struck her during the parade, this good fortune and prosperity. Lajkonik also has a pony, whose outfit is equally richly decorated.

Do you want to see Lajkonik? Visit Krakow necessarily during the of Corpus Christi octave. Lajkonik Route:
  • Water headquarters – Senatorska street
  • Courtyard of the Norbertine Convent
  • Kościuszko street
  • Zwierzyniecka street
  • Franciszkańska street
  • Grodzka street
  • Market Square in Krakow