wtorek, 21 lipca 2015

Cat Cafe in Krakow

Cracow loves cats

Another time Krakow witnessed something absolutely new. In June, first in Poland Cat Cafe was opened in Krakow where all cat lovers can grab a coffee, eat something sweet and enjoy a company of the little furry purring friends.
Ewa Jemioło, the founder of Cat Cafe, explains that the place was created especially for the people who love cats but because of some issues (like allergy, small flat, no time etc.) they can't own a cat.

Of course, the cat owners or people who are simply curious can also visit the place. Everyone should feel welcome.

Cat Cafe has other goal too. Ewa Jemioło hopes that the cats will find the new friends among the people and a new home. Everyone can adopt a cat in the cafe so that another animal can come from a shelter and have a chance to find an owner. While visiting the cafe you will also have a chance to take part in a special lectures about the cats and in the felinotheraphy.

We can't forget that Cat Cafe exists thanks to crowdfunding campaign, without the financial support it wouldn't be possible to build such an extraordinary place. The project was a very challenging idea indeed.
First cat cafe was opened in Taiwan and three years ago in Vienna. It was the first cat cafe in Europe, now there are at least nine. Let's hope it won't be the end.