czwartek, 9 lipca 2015

Legend of the Dragon Wawel

Legends is an element accompanying the history of each city. Although they have a lof of fantasy and fiction, it's still interested and curious. We associate them with places, which we pass every day and about history we know nothing. Let us remember that although these stories are often sucked from the finger, it is in these very high degree of probability and the proverbial "grain of truth". Legends expand our knowledge and develop awareness of the history. There are also an opportunity for new travel trail of fairy tales and legends.

Krakow extremely famous for its many legends. The reason for this is the countless emblematic monuments and people who have significantly etched into the history of the city.

Legend of the Dragon Wawel
The most famous legend is a legend about the Wawel Dragon, related to the largest monument - the Wawel Royal Castle. The main character is the eponymous dragon, which fire-breathing
monument is located near the castle. According to legend, it was there that he lived. The story says that a dragon lived in a cave under the castle, waking terror among the population. It was a huge lizard, with a long, pointed tail. At night, just after sunset sneaking into nearby farms in search of food. When there was a shortage of cattle and other animals, the dragon devoured the inhabitants.

In Krakow he also lived poor but brave shoemaker Skuba, who conceived the idea of killing the dragon. He gave him to devour the sheep stuffed with sulfur and set it in front of cave. The dragon devoured the sheep, and immediately began to pierce him a huge pain and desire. To soothe the thirst drank all the water from the Vistula River, until burst.

It is one of the most beautiful Polish legends, and the dragon has for centuries been an integral symbol of Krakow.