piątek, 31 lipca 2015

Krakow and the surroundings

Krakow is a city where you just can't be bored, you always can find some interesting places, areas or events. Walking groups of tourists are the best proof for that. However, sometimes everyone has a need to leave the city behind and change a surrounding to see something new. Especially, if you have enough time to visit Krakow and have some spare time to check the surroundings. If you want to take a break and spend some time with the nature you should consider one place – Zakopane.

Zakopane is a winter capital of Poland, located next to the southern border. If we're talking about Zakopane, we must mention the most important thing, Tatra Mountains. There are lots of more or less popular places to go, but all of them are absolutely stunning. It would be good to consider going to Gubałówka to see a spectacular view. After the trip you can relax in Zakopane itself, on the famous Krupówki street, where you can find varied cafes and restaurants. You can also use the swimming pools, saunas and terms. Zakopane means also unique highlander cultural heritage and folklore. Visitors of Zakopane can admire the examples of a beautiful architectural style typical for the region and its history, in small village Chochołów you can find amazing and picturesque traditional huts, the great example of regional art. Another part of the trip is Pęksowy Brzyzek Cementary because of its unique architecture.

Tasting local food is a must, especially when it comes to cheese, local soups or drinks. Zakopane and region Podhale isn't like Krakow, but it's worthy to know two so different places during the travel if you have a chance. Many Krakow travel agencies offer trips not only to Auchwitz but also to Zakopane (located around 100 km from Krakow). For example, you can find it in Discovery Krakow and many other places. Anyway, taking a breath of mountain air is always a good idea.