czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2015

Krakow theaters

Krakow is known from own, natural beauty and countless monuments. It is also known that the city doesn't allow for boredom and offers us many opportunities to spend free time. It has a very wide range cultural offer, in which everyone can find something for yourself. For lovers of history we recommend various kinds of museums, for connoisseurs of art – exhibitions, and for the other – concerts and theaters, which are a lot in Krakow.

Krakow theaters have a big role in the development of the general sense of art. In addition to high-quality theatrical performances worth mentioning about location. Most of them are located in a historic, architecturally interesting buildings.

The first permanent public theater was established during the Enlightenment. Today, it is known as the „Old Theatre” and located in a building on Jagiellońska street. Performances took place in other places, such as. ballrooms.The first building, which was built specifically for the purposes of the theater was building on „Św. Ducha” Square. Until today, this theater exist there as „Julius Slowacki theater”.

In the twentieth century cinema has gained popularity. Various buildings adapted for audio equipment. There were also a lot of cabarets and amateur theater groups.

Today, in Krakow is 14theaters with repertoires and many theater groups. The most famous:

Scena STU Krakow Theatre
Krasińskiego Street 16-18

The Groteska Puppet, Mask, and Actor Theatre
Skarbowa Street 2

Helena Modjeska's Old Theatre
Main Stage – JagiellońskaStreet 1
New Stage – Jagiellońska Street 1
Chamber Stage – Starowiślna Street 21

Bagatela Theatre
Main Scene – Karmelicka Street 6
Sarego Scene – Sarego Street 7

Juliusz Slowacki Theatre
Main Scene – Świętego Ducha Square 1
Thumbnail Scene – Świętego Ducha Square 2

The Ludwik Solski State Theatre School
Amphitheatre - Straszewskiego Street 22
Experimental Scene - Warszawska Street 5

Łaźnia Nowa Theatre
os. Szkolne 25

Puppet and Actor Theatre Parawan
Białoprądnicka Street 3

New Theatre
Gazowa Street 21