czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Wisla river

Wisła is the longest river in Poland at 1047 km in lenght. The major part of river goes through Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia. Its source is in the south Poland in the slope of Barania Góra located in the Beskid Śląski, and flows into the Baltic Sea. The Wisła River the river flows through by for many famous Polish cities, including by Ustron, Auschwitz, Skawina, Krakow, Tarnobrzeg, Sandomierz, Kazimierz Dolny, Warsaw and many others – it is a big big enrichment of their beauty.

Krakow boulevards is a team of historic buildings located on the Vistula River, formed in XIX and XX century. Their basic function is protected the city against flooding. In addition, boulevards have the park gained status and it is extremely popular recreation and leisure place. In the town is 11 road bridges, 3 railway bridges and 2 footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Undoubtedly, boulevards are the most popular walking trail in the city in the summer season. For this reason, there is a lot of attractions that can spice up a sunny afternoon on the riverside of the river:
  • Boulevards are not only walking trails, but they are the undisputed leader in cycling routes. This route is a part of the European cycling corners EuroVelo 4.
  • By the rivers of the Vistula river moor many of barge - restaurants where you can eat traditional meals, snacks as well as regional specialties
  • In summer, along the river runs the water tram, which is a huge attraction because of a scenic of the route.
  • Under the Wawel hill, within the walkway, since 2008, you can enjoy the "Stars Avenue".
    There are the palm prints of the music and film stars.
  • In addition, the banks of the Vistula is a place of many events organized occasionaly and recurring in Krakow. The most famous is "Wianki".