środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

Krakow nightlife

Krakow has always been famous for a huge number of attractions. Anyone who visits this city can't complain about boredom, because regardless the weather, time of year, and even your mood - Krakow has always offered something interesting for you. The leaders are there historical attractions that encourage visitors to all-day wandering around the city, the trail of great artists and Polish kings. Sometimes, tourists don't lose their enthusiasm even at night - then we recommend something to soothe entertainment need.

Krakow is a city, which almost never sleeps. Almost, because the streets are deserted here until at 4 in the morning and fill up again at 6. At night, locals and visitors go out into the streets, visits to bars, pubs, restaurants. In the center of town, almost every street is located club next to the club, the pub next to the pub. The diversity of these attractions is so large that it is very difficult to choose a single place where you can grab a beer, listen to good music and dance.

Going longer Floriańska street, at the gates of tenements see-grown goalkeepers who have the power to let you (or not) to a dance club.
These are clubs where you can really suffer a lot of positive dance energy and music. Similar experience you can get in clubs in other streets, including Frantic and Heat (Szewska street), Shade (Św. Jana street), Coco (Szpitalna street). Sometimes there are a lot of tourists who every night have a chance to play with a different kind of music.

If you are looking for more rock climates, we recommend you Carpe Diem club or Jazz Rock Cafe (Sławkowska street). For fans of electronic music leads the Prozac (Grodzka street).

For lovers of climate evenings, why not visit one of the many pubs, where the fresh air in the beer garden you can sit with friends and relax after a long day. Here, a good solution will be locals located in the historic district Kazimierz.