czwartek, 7 maja 2015

John Paul II route

Krakow is a city, which is particularly associated with a number of famous personages. Group of artists, politicians, big business people and ...? John Paul II - the great man, the Pope, who for years was associated with Krakow and to this day has left here a huge footprint.

The mementoes of him can be found in basically all over the city. The young Karol Wojtyla in 1938 began study of Polish philology. Later, during the war, as a seminarian, priest, auxiliary bishop and Archbishop of Krakow. Places, which were visited by him, are so much all over the city, that difficult to count them.

Krakow was without a doubt, Pope "Polish house". The most significant places associated with his person, are arranged in a route that leads through the whole city. We encourage you to visit those places, which made Krakow, in the eyes of John Paul II, the most valuable of Polish cities.

  • Seminary of the Archdiocese of Krakow - 8 Podzamcze street

In 1945, Karol Wojtyla was a student of the seminary, and 10 years later became a teacher.

  • Błonia and papal stone - that were most of Krakow meetings with the faithful, during the Pope's pilgrimage to his homeland. There's also placed a stone commemorating the 19th anniversary of the inauguration of the pontificate of John Paul II.

  • The house at 10 Tyniecka street  - Karol Wojtyla lived there intermittently until 1944.

  • Statue of John Paul II in Strzelecki Park and other monuments - Strzelecki park, Lubicz 16

This is not the only monument to the Pope in Krakow. During walks you can discover a lot more.

  • Hospital. John Paul II - 80 Prądnicka street

In the hospital was treated Faustina Kowalska - John Paul II canonized her in 2000. One of the newly built part of the hospital has been dedicated to personally by the Pope.

  • Sanctuary of Divine Mercy - 3 Siostry Faustyny street
- the place is also associated with a person Faustina Kowalska. In 2002, after three years of construction of the basilica, the Pope John Paul II has made solemn consecration of the church.

  • The former Solvay Soda Plant - 62  Zakopiańska street

In the years 1940 to 1944, Karol Wojtyla was employed there as a worker.