piątek, 22 maja 2015

Shopping in Krakow

Monuments, sightseeing, walking, admiring, learning. And what about in between? Being in such a beautiful city, I'm sure more than one of us, especially women, would like to take a moment to relax in the form of purchases.

Where to go? Here, opinions are divided. Lovers of bargain hunters prefer shopping centers, which offer not only a large range of products of various kinds, but also other attractions. Thanks to them, a trip to the mall is not tiring expedition in search of a particular purchase, but just relax in a place where next to articles of clothing can also find on-site dining, cinema, beauty salons, hairdressers and many others.
Which shopping center should you choose? Undoubtedly, the most popular are those galleries that are located in strategic locations, close to the center or, as in the case of the "main" shopping mall, Krakow Gallery, which is located next to the Central Station. There's also the easiest to reach, because the public transpor allows travel to the station almost from each, even distant parts of the city. The second center located close to the main tourist route is Galeria Kazimierz, which doesn't as big as the first, but it certainly has its own climate. A little further, in the south-east side of the city, there is a gallery „Bonarka”- the third largest shopping center in Poland.

Next to the large shopping centers, almost every major street of Krakow has a lot of shops - both small shops, as well as more luxury for the more demanding customers.